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In any industry and in any profession, there is always a best practice. In an ideal world, every professional or company in a given industry should adhere to the best practices but we live in the real world. Many a times, companies or professionals steer away from the best practices to complete the task quickly and easily. You must never allow this to happen when you hire a company for your Afton house painting.

Not only should an Afton house painting company adhere to the best practice, they must also have some value addition to offer. For instance, once the job gets done, the company must be able to deck up the place and not leave it as it is. The last thing you want after investing in house painting is to have a house filled with debris, paint and the dominating smell of chemicals in paints.

There are two distinct approaches that have been widely accepted as the best practice for house painting. The first approach is for exteriors while the second is for the interiors.

Exterior House Painting

The first step of exterior house painting is to wash the exteriors. Depending on the dirt and mildew, a company can indulge in hand washing or power washing.

The second step is surface preparation. Depending on the type of paint you choose and the type of exterior you have, all left over paint is scraped off and the entire surface is sanded and made even. Cracks and gaps are caulked.

The third step is painting the exteriors after priming the areas that demand so.

After the paint has been uniformly applied and the exercise is completed on each day, the staff of the house painting company must clean up the entire area and pack away all paint chips, materials and any debris that may prevail.

Finally, the Afton house painting professionals should inspect after each day’s work to understand the progress and if anything is going wrong.

Interior House Painting

The first step of interior house painting is to setup the space by placing all the stuffs and items in the room at the center and wrapping or covering them up with clean plastic sheets. The floors need to be covered with drop cloths so spilled paint do not leave a mark or spoil the flooring.

The walls need to be prepared by sealing of all the gaps, holes and cracks followed by scuff sanding.

The painting exercise is carried out.

All items must be checked for cleanliness and the entire interior space must be cleaned spotlessly. Vacuuming and sweeping are also needed at this stage.

Finally, the painters must inspect to assess the job done.

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