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Color is one of the most important choices that you and your Maplewood house painting service will be concerned with when you decide to paint your home. Interior or exterior, these are the colors that you will be living with for the next several years, and although it may not seem that important, the color you choose will mean a lot towards your comfort during that period.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Maplewood House Painting Project

Exterior colors affect how others see your home, and that first impression can make a huge difference. Before you pick neon pink or green for your color scheme, stop and think – is that the impression you want others to have of you and your family? It might look great on a beach house, but what about your suburban neighborhood, where all of the other homes are a simple white or tan? The color should be kept in the neutral range if you are planning to try to sell your home. Let the Maplewood house painting team help you with this decision if you’re unsure.

Your house style will have some bearing on your decision as well. A multi level Victorian home can use several colors in the scheme, while a simple one story colonial does better with one or two. You can get ideas by driving through several neighborhoods with hoes like your own, and get ideas of the color schemes that you see and like.

Dark colors tend to fade much quicker than light colors. They also make your home appear smaller. A beige or earth tone colors are long lasting, and mean painting less often, while bright reds, blues and greens can soon begin to look washed out. Keep your color scheme simple – color co-ordination with a few simple colors works best, while one with a variety of mis-matched colors doesn’t.

The exterior colors you choose for your home should also be co-ordinated with the color of your roof. Most roofs are a traditional black, grey or brown, but some come in shades of green and blue. The new metal roofs are available in many colors and shades. Try to keep the walls in balance with the roofing color.

All things considered, however, the color scheme that you and your Maplewood house painting service team finally agree on should be a matter of personal preference. You are the one whose time will be spent inside this home – your likes and dislikes should be the final deciding factor. Ask your family and friends for advice, but be sure that the colors suit you.

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