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When planning to paint your home, a professional contractor should be consulted because there are many stages to painting a house, no matter if it is the exterior or the interior.  There are many shortcuts that can be taken that professionals will know about, but will not affect the quality of their work nor how well the final product looks. The Oakdale, MN house painting contractors you hire will know so much more about painting your home than you ever will and they can get it done quicker too.

What You Don't Know

While you may be aware that wood siding is seldom used in new home construction, you may not be aware that if you have an older home, you might have lead based paint either on the exterior or interior of it. Lead-based paints were banned in 1978 for residential use, so if your home was built prior to that year, you could have lead-based paint somewhere in your home.

Professional painting contractors are required to test for lead-based paints in older homes and they have to follow EPA safety guidelines if it is found. Getting it out of your home is a priority, one you wouldn't know about if attempting to DIY the painting project. Usually, it won't be found because your home has probably been painted between 1978 and now.

Oakdale House Painting Preperation

Whether it outside or the inside of your home is being painted, or both, there is a lot of preparation that is required before paint goes onto the surface of your home. The walls, both inside and outside of the house, should be washed to get rid of dirt and debris. Most professionals will use a power washer on the exterior of the home and you can request that they only use water and detergents on the inside to avoid using chemicals that you may not want in your house.

Paint should be scraped off the exterior and cracks in the walls need to be repaired before the painting process. Once this is done and the walls are smoothed, primer is applied to the walls to keep the old paint colors from seeping through the new paint that is being used.  This is especially helpful for interior walls that had been painted in shades darker or brighter than they will be painted. Oakdale house painting professionals will know what to do to make your house look great.

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Oakdale is a city in Washington County, Minnesota. Oakdale is a suburb of Saint Paul and is on the eastern side of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

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