Meet your CertaPro Painters® of Twin Cities East Team

Valued Prospective 2017 Customer,

We would like to start with a heartfelt thank you. This year, 2017, marks our 10th anniversary in business. Over the last decade there certainly have been ups and downs as one would expect in any business. We truly feel blessed to have thrived during this challenging economic period in our countries history. We understand a business without customers is simply a hobby and that we owe our success to the loyal support of our community, our previous customers and our prospective customers like you. Thank you for inviting us into your home and the opportunity to earn your business; we are grateful.

CertaPro Painters Twin Cities East started out originally in 2007 as CertaPro Painters of Shoreview and conducted primarily residential business in the North East metro (Shoreview, White Bear Lake, Stillwater). We opened our doors at the beginning of what would become the great recession. During the collapse of the housing and credit markets, painting was the last thing on many people’s minds.

Despite the challenging times we believed then as we do now, the best way to build a business is by creating happy customers. We believed these happy customers would then go out and act as our sales and marketing force, driving referrals of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to our doors.

In order to create happy customers we decided to focus on two key aspects of the painting project; the outcome and the experience. We reasoned, if we were able to deliver a quality outcome and a quality experience we would be able to systematically and consistently create happy customers.

The way we would ensure a quality outcome (finished paint job) would be to understand your expectations, hire great painters, practice continuous improvement through in-house and vendor led training and by conducting random jobsite audits.

The way we would ensure a quality experience would be utilization of our Certainty Service System (our secret sauce). The Certainty Service System, CSS for short, is a process of communication and education to co-create the best possible painting experience uniquely for you. Ask us about the CSS!

Would it work?

In the midst of the great recession, the early years were lean. House painting seemed a luxury or even an extravagance in those first few years; we were sledding up hill. We completed roughly 75 projects per year with 5 painters, while many of our competitors were closing their doors. Our business grew slowly but steadily behind strong referral and word of mouth driven demand.

In 2009 things then began to turn for the better. The economy at large stabilized, credit markets stabilized and deferred home maintenance became more difficult to ignore. Pent up demand for painting services, especially delayed exterior projects, helped fuel significant growth in the painting industry. With so many competitors out of business we were in a great position to capitalize on the increase in demand.

2010 was another strong year for our business. In early 2010 we added Christine Long our office manager to the team. Around April of 2010 we were able to add Jake Schwartz to the team originally for residential estimating. Around this time many new competitors started popping up as conditions in the industry improved.

In August of 2011 we were fortunate enough to expand our business. The expansion added the East metro (Woodbury, Afton, Cottage Grove, Hastings) to our service area and greatly increased our business capacity. Certapro Painters of Shoreview and Woodbury was born.

Late in 2014 we added Luke Treptow to our team in a commercial marketing role. Early 2015 saw the addition of Jen Doolan to the team in a residential estimating role. 2016 saw the addition of Sam Byriel to the team in a residential marketing role. 2016 also included a long overdue name update, CertaPro Twin Cities East and a new office space in Roseville.

A decade later we can proudly report making happy customers is a great way to build a business! Our growth continues to be driven by strong referral and word of mouth demand, for which we again thank you. We have consistently achieved an auditable customer satisfaction rating above 97% and look forward to continuing to be the painter of Certainty.

In 2017, with your support, we aim to complete nearly 600 painting projects, while providing quality employment, incomes and professional development opportunities for over 40 full-time painters and staff.

With Gratitude,

The CertaPro Painters Twin Cities East Team

CertaPro Painters® Twin Cities East Team