Jocelyn AlbertsCommercial Marketing

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Get To Know: Jocelyn

I was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota; full blood Minnesotan. I am a graduate from the University of Northwestern with a business management degree. I am also finishing up my last year in an MBA program at Northwestern. Some consider me a border-line workaholic. I have been married for 3 years to my husband who is from South Africa. He has motivated and supported me revealing my true potential. I have one kid, her name is Penny. She’s very fluffy and meows a lot : ) For leisure, I enjoy going out to second hand shops and finding fashion pieces that I can re-sell. I attend cardio kickboxing every Wednesday at Lifetime and I never pass on any travel opportunities that come my way. My creative outlets include refining ideas for a novel I plan to write, redesigning shoes and jewelry and exploring personal shopping websites. My morning beverage choice is a honey lavender latte and I after many failed attempts can confidently report I have mastered its creation! Let me know if you want to try one!