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Does Time of Year Matter for Interior Painting?

You might not think that the time of year matters when it comes to painting the interior of your home, but it can. Rain isn’t a factor because the painters will be indoors and, as well as staying dry, they will be able to stay warm also. While in general it really doesn’t matter when you paint the inside of your house, you should schedule your Stillwater house painting project when the humidity is lower and it is warm enough to open a window to allow the paint fumes to dissipate.

Why Humidity Matters when House Painting in Stillwater, MN

Humidity tells you how much moisture in the air. If the humidity is high, water-based paints will take longer to dry, even inside of your home. You’ve probably experienced coming out of the shower, drying off only to start sweating because of the high moisture content in the air. Even though you were inside, the high humidity still affected how you felt. The same is true for paint. If the moisture levels in the air are high, the moisture in the water-based paint won’t evaporate very fast.

During times of low humidity, there isn’t much moisture in the air and the air will help suck the moisture out of water-based paints, allowing them to dry much faster. In most areas, the humidity is lower in the fall and winter. These are good times to have the inside of your home painted because the paint will dry quickly. The fall is ideal because you will be able to open a window and let the fumes out of the house.

Too Cold to Paint?

If you are planning to have your Stillwater house painting done in the winter, try to schedule it earlier in the season. In places like Minnesota, or other northern areas of the country, January and February may be a bad time to schedule a Stillwater house painting company. The extreme cold will make the paint harder to roll out because the cold will make the paint thicker, or more viscous. Opening a window to allow fumes to escape may be difficult to handle in the harsh winter weather as well.

A professional painting company will be aware of the issues they will have when painting the interior of your home, so they can help you when it comes to scheduling them for a project. However, if you are aware of the difficulties, then you can plan a time that is best for you.


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